Many artists come straight into the game defining themselves. They either make their own genre or fit into one perfectly. Bleeding through the genre lines, Scotch Plains, New Jersey native Ronnie Eriic's humble spirit and positive vibes intrigue you on knowing more about the guy behind the scar. 

Deriving from a church driven family, Ronnie Eriic grew up singing in the choir and learning to play the drums. His niche for music sparked a passion in him to further his career while attending Florida A&M University. This is where he and three other students formed the popular Tallahassee rap group LOTD (Leaders of The Dreamers).

From there, Ronnie began to perfect his craft. Performing at various open mic nights became his thing, eventually allowing him to perform for larger audiences like his Alma Mater and FSU. After gaining a few supporters, Ronnie Eriic was invited to open for artists like Currency and Pac Div.

"I always felt everyone had a calling in this world but it's up to that person to find it, my calling was music. I wanted to drop out of college so bad, but I had to finish for my parents so I kept practicing with that same passion while grinding to graduate."

In 2014, his versatile style followed him to Atlanta, GA. This is where he dropped his debut single "Don't Play" which is circulated through Google Play, iTunes, Spotify and other music outlets. Ronnie Eriic captured the minds of ATLiens during his first in town performance at the Harlem Nights Ultra Lounge during the A3C music conference.

While growing as an artist, his lyrics remain relatable. Ronnie Eriic merges through the music industry, setting his standards higher with each 16. The timeless nature of his music gives listeners something to feel. Ronnie Eriic's vivid lyricism helps illuminate both his heart and soul to his growing fan base.